Right to Erasure Online Request Form

You should fill this online form only if you are the data subject and if the email address is part or the personal data we hold about you. You need to provide your email to fill this form.

After you fill this form, we will send you a confirmation request email message to confirm your identity. We may also request additional information needed to fulfill your request.

If you are not the data subject or if the email address you provide doesn’t match any email on our datatabase, we will send you an email asking you to fill in the Editable Request Form.

    Details of the person requesting information

    Reason for erasure request

    Given the sensitive nature of erasing personal data, GDPR Article 17 requires certain conditions to be met before a request may be considered. Please supply us with the reason you wish your data to be erased and please attach any justifying documents to this one.

    Please tick the appropriate box: