We help customers choose and implement the best Cloud and Connectivity Solutions to meet their most demanding challenges.

Since our genesis, back in 2011, we have believed telecommunications and cloud services are on a route of convergence and symbiosis. We provide it all, together with the right managed and professional services, offering you a peace of mind experience that meets our claim: getting IT done for you.


Our Services and Solutions

Our portfolio includes Hardware Colocation, Hardware-as-a-Service (bare metal), Managed IaaS, Managed SaaS (CRM, ERP), Managed Security-as-a-Service (SASE), SD-WAN, Unified SASE (converged SD-WAN/SASE), Ethernet Services, Internet, Network Optimization, complemented by a comprehensive array of professional services.

Combining our own resources with the ones from our Partner Ecosystem, we offer services and solutions that cover local, regional, and global needs. The results are increased productivity, more agility, and better economics for customers.

Our Team

In Cloud365 everyone makes a difference.

Diverse academic and professional paths bring organization knowledge and experience, building a team that understands present and future business challenges and tendencies.

No matter what your point of contact with Cloud365 is, you will always be in touch with someone obsessed with understanding and helping customers.

Our Customers

Our customers are at the center of everything we do.

They are SMEs and Large Companies that depend on reliable Cloud Computing and Connectivity solutions, with national, regional, or global reach.

Ready to equip your company to thrive?

Share your specific challenges and lean on us to deploy and maintain the most suited Cloud Computing and Connectivity Solutions.