Managed Hosting


We host your applications and manage all the environment, from the Operating System (OS) to the database, including security and connectivity.

We host your applications on highly redundant, highly performant virtualized systems that are totally managed. You don’t need to be concerned with software licensing, backups, security, or network connectivity. You can also contract with us a VPN Client solution for your mobile and remote users, or request one of our site-to-site or Content Delivery Networking solutions.

Just ask for adjust CPU, memory or disk and we get IT done for you
That’s the beauty of a Managed Hosting service on the cloud. We can increase or reduce processing power, memory, or disk in a matter of minutes, so your applications get the resources they need, when they need them. You get IT done for you with a phone call or email to our Customer Care Contact Centre. With minimum bureaucracy and fast response time.

Freedom of choice
We support Windows Server, Linux, and other server operating systems. We offer a choice of disk storage, and you can mix them, faster disks for fast application response times, slower disks for historical or seldom accessed data.

From the Server to the Client
Just check with us our Virtual Desktop solutions. Get free of the PC management burden and give your users access to their familiar workplace environment no matter where they are. With Virtual Desktop, users can access their desktop from any browser, anywhere. Users’ desktop images are kept safe and backed up at the datacenter, providing IT Department better control over the hardware and software configurations, as well as over updates. Once users only need a device with a browser, an extra bonus of this approach is less demanding PCs and lower energy consumption, which reflects on economy.

Just contact us for a free upfront qualification of your Managed Hosting needs

Managed Hosting