Managed SD-WAN


We provide Managed SD-WAN solutions, meaning end-to-end integrated solutions, that we manage for our Clients or that we co-manage with them.

So, if you are looking for SD-WAN boxes and software to assemble and manage your own DYI solution, this is not the right site. Our promise to customers is peace of mind, not headaches.

Agility, Economy, Performance. And, of course, Peace of Mind.

We provide SD-WAN solutions that provide everything you would expect. And even things you wouldn’t expect:

  • Network-as-a-Service
    Meaning the only connectivity you must be available at your sites, remote users, DCs, is Internet access. By the way, we can provide Internet connectivity too.
  • Hybrid WAN
    Meaning you can use Internet only or you can route your traffic over different performance paths, depending on application criticality.
  • QoS
    Meaning you can mark your traffic with until 5 levels of priority for each performance path.
VPN as a service
  • Different performance paths
    Besides Internet, that works well for short distances, you have available two extra Global Private Networks in the cloud:
    • Layer 2 Global Private Network
      Provides stunning performance for International and Intercontinental connectivity
    • Layer 3 Global Private Network
      Provides better than public Internet performance for International and Intercontinental connectivity

Both Global Private Networks offer points-of-presence (POPs) in over 40 locations worldwide.

If you are migrating from MPLS or if you are complementing your MPLS solution with our SD-WAN solution, you can use MPLS as an extra performance path. 

Overall, you can use four different performance paths for your global application traffic: Internet, Private Layer 2, Private Layer 3 and MPLS networks.

  • Data optimization
    Data compression and deduplication is applied to traffic. This saves money in locations where Internet circuits are expensive, and it also improves performance because the same row data is transmitted in less time.
  • Application optimization
    Several TCP optimization techniques and application proxies are used to improve application performance.
  • Cloud services multi-connectivity
    The solution offers elegant integration with IaaS and SaaS services, freeing the customer from the integration technicalities. Available for Azure, AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Salesforce, Office 365 and many others.
  • Universal CPE
    On the site-to-site solution the CPE provided can work as router, FW, optimization device and much more. The main purpose here is both branch simplification and ease of management. It can integrate with existing firewalls at the LAN or just substitute them.
  • Security
    • SASE integration
      The SD-WAN platform also includes its own SASE solution. To make other offers available to our customers, the platform includes technical integrations with Zscaler, Palo Alto and Check Point cloud security solutions.
    • Anti-DDoS
      All POPs are protected against DDoS attacks.
    • CPE
      CPE includes its own stateful firewall or can integrate with existing firewalls at the sites. It also can host virtual firewalls from selected brands.

Just get in touch for more Security details

  • Management and Support 24×365
    The solution is managed and supported by a global team of certified expert engineers, using advanced Network Management & Support software. We can also manage the Internet ‘last mile’ circuits for you.
  • Customer Portal
    You can check all the details of your SD-WAN network on a Customer Portal. Facilities for co-management are included.
  • Customer Portal
    You can check all the details of your SD-WAN network on a Customer Portal. Facilities for co-management are included.
  • Everything backed by a formal SLA
    Depending on configuration, we guarantee until 99,999% uptime. Latency, jitter and packet loss are also under SLA guarantees.
  • Four different functional solutions over the same SD-WAN platform
    Four different functional solutions are available in a tight integrated way:
    • Site-to-Site network
      Substitutes/complements MPLS, improves site-to-site VPN over Internet.
    • VPN Client acceleration
      Improves performance of your current VPN Client solution with no need for additional hardware or software.
    • VPN-as-a-Service
      Turnkey solution for VPN users, offering globally distributed concentrators.
    • CDN for Dynamic Applications
      Improves performance of your dynamic applications accessed from public Internet (for instance, reservation systems, SaaS, online sales, procurement portals).

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