TCP Optimization


The truth is that it’s impossible to infinitely reduce latency, because it corresponds to a Physics limitation: the speed of light limit.

Network applications using TCP as the underlay transport protocol are severely affected when the latency increases, because TCP spends a lot of time in Sync/Acknowledge dialog to guarantee consistency of data exchanged.

When the latency increases, the time spent on this dialog can be much more than the time spent on transmitting application information. So, one way to improve user experience is to reduce the time TCP spends on this dialog, without losing transmission quality. We offer network solutions that allow to reduce time of TCP session establishment and optimization of the number segments that might be sent before an acknowledgement is required, allowing to significantly reduce the latency perceived by the end user.

Together with Data Optimization, TCP Optimization offers superior end user experience for any kind of network applications. While Data Optimization focus on reducing the volume of data to be transferred, TCP Optimization focused on reducing the time the data segments take to be exchanged between client and server computers.

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TCP Optimization