Multi-Cloud Connectivity


From the traditional centralized computing paradigm to a world where your IT services are widely dispersing, little more than a decade has passed.

The legacy networking architectures, based on hub-and-spoke paradigms, hardly allow to swiftly orchestrate multiple IaaS and SaaS services in the cloud, disperse offices, mobile and homeworking users, customers, and partners.

You either continue aggregating all your services in a hub location and providing access to internal and external users from there, or you adopt a meshed network, where services and users can be dispersed. No matter your option, we have a solution to ensure connectivity.

  • The Direct Connection
    Some IaaS providers allow Layer 2 connections to their infrastructures, like Azure Express Route, AWS DirectConnect or Oracle FastConnect. Using this approach, we connect your network to the IaaS service over a private, dedicated connection.
    Networks where we support Direct Connection are the following:
    • MPLS
    • Ethernet WAN Services
    • Managed SW-WAN Services

On the Managed SD-WAN service we manage for you all the connectivity complexities between the network and the IaaS service; you simply don’t need to care about it. On the other options, we can provide a managed or unmanaged router service.

We support Direct Connect to dozens of IaaS DC locations around the world. We also support it to hundreds of connected DCs around the world.

  • The ‘Closest Single Point’ Internet connection
    Using this approach, we connect your network to any IaaS and SaaS service in the world. Basically, we implement an encrypted connection between the cloud service and the closest PoP of the SD-WAN solution we provide. This could be:
    • an IPsec connection from the closest network PoP to a virtual firewall hosted at the IaaS provider or
    • a https connection from the closest PoP to a SaaS provider, typically using a NAT approach.

There is only one point of interface between the network and the SaaS or IaaS provider, reducing the complexity and improving security. With dozens of PoPs distributed around the world, there is always a PoP very close to the cloud service you want to connect to. In some cases, the PoP is on the same DC as the IaaS or SaaS provider.
We support this approach in our Managed SD-WAN Services, meaning that you don’t have to care about the details of these connections, we get IT done for you.

  • Hybrid Multi-Cloud Connectivity
    Mixing and matching cloud connectivity options, you can always have the solution that best fits both your business and technical requirements, no matter if you only need to connect your private DC to a specific IaaS cloud or if you need to implement a network encompassing different cloud service providers and your own DCs disperse around the globe.
    Possible topologies are:
    • Enterprise to Cloud: Access to IaaS, SaaS, or PaaS for users at headquarters, branch offices, and remote locations
    • Cloud to Cloud: connect different IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS providers between them
    • Multi-Cloud: Enterprise-wide access to applications hosted simultaneously in different IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS platforms

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Multi Cloud Connectivity