Global Inbound Numbers


We provide Inbound Numbers (also known as IN – Intelligent Numbers) in over 150 geographies in the world.

The calls for this numbers can be routed to other destinations, for instance a global contact centre, a mobile number or even an IP address.

Behind these numbers there is a service that provides functionalities like IVR, messaging recording and call routing management. With these Inbound Numbers you can have a local number in different markets and your calls can be routed, for instance, to a contact center at your HQ, to the cell phone of a local sales representative in the market, or to the messaging recording system, depending on criteria like day of the week or time of the day.

Our Inbound Numbers offer includes local geographic numbers, toll free numbers and shared cost numbers; you will have one only point of contact for sales, contracting and billing. Not all these features are available in all the markets, but we will always find the best possible solution for your needs.

Global Inbound Numbers