Anti-DDoS Protection


The safer and lowest impact way to protect against DDoS attacks is to contain them before they reach you network edge.

We include in our portfolio two different approaches to Anti-DDoS Protection:

  • Anti-DDoS Protection at the ISP network level
    Traffic is monitored at the ISP, where DDoS attacks are detected and blocked. This way, your Internet access doesn’t get congested, as it would happen with in-house DDoS protection, allowing your business to keep running without interruptions. You can configure this service to work in tandem with your in-house DDoS protection.
    This is an excellent approach to protect your main DC’s and web services.
  • Anti-DDoS Protection at our Unified SASE Secure Web Gateway (SWG)
    One of the advantages of using a SWG is that your public IPs are not directly exposed to the Internet. All public Internet traffic is filtered by the SWG before reaching your edge device, and the SWG includes an Anti-DDoS feature. Even under a direct attack, only Internet traffic coming from the SWG is allowed by the edge routing, so your network stays protected.
    This is an excellent way to protect your distributed sites, and, on top, we have it integrated with our Managed SD-WAN offer.

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