Global IT Security Services


Enterprises today must connect users

to a multitude of IT services residing in different locations.

The traditional ‘hub and spoke’ approach is not practical anymore. Also, remote working is growing, raising the need for better integration of VPN Client with the WAN. As the increasing exposition to the Internet demands new approaches to IT Security, we see a growing trend in network and security convergence.

From traditional Endpoint Protection to innovative SASE solutions, you can get it all from Cloud365.

Global IT Security Services
Global IT Security Services
Data Leak Prevention
Data Leak Prevention

You manage sensitive information, like personal data, intellectual property, corporate secrets and confidential information. You have to manage who can access that information and how it can be accessed. We offer you the solution to implement data access policies so you are assured your information is protected from both malitious and  involuntary leaks.

Unified SASE
Unified SASE

SASE includes a series of security services that reside in the cloud, on the edge of your private network. They work as Internet gateways for your private network, in alternative or complementing your LAN edge devices.

You may benefit from our Managed SASE Services, tightly integrated with our Managed Data Networking Solutions, to reinforce your IT Security posture.

Endpoint Protection
Endpoint Protection

We provide the means to protect your end user devices, especially the ones that work out of your LAN security perimeter. From anti-virus to firewall, we provide a reach set of options, totally managed from the cloud.

Anti-DDoS Protection
Anti-DDoS Protection

Yes, when contracting your Direct Internet Access from us you can choose an option for Network-based Anti DDoS protection. The DDoS attacks are blocked at the Operator Network level, do not overflowing your Internet circuit.

Some companies that have gained peace of mind by relying on Cloud365

Working together has gone very well. Having us a previous very bad experience with another provider, I highly recommend Cloud365.

I recognize Cloud365 the focus to meet customer needs, as well as a great capacity to understand each business and its specificity. – Allowing them, this effective action in the middle.

With the intervention of Cloud365, a new communications infrastructure was redesigned and support was provided in the implementation of new technological solutions – the team analysed our real needs and were relentless in finding the right answers – we recognize Cloud365 as a partner with deep knowledge, ideal to follow us on all new challenges.

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