Data Leak Prevention


A Data Leak can be intentional or involuntary.

We consider Data Leak as an exposure of sensible and valuable data (personal data, commercial secrets, industrial secrets, etc) not resulting from external attacks but from the use of tools provided by the organization to its employees.

For organizations or departments handling sensitive data, data leaks must be actively prevented. Our offer limits the user access to certain data, to certain devices (for instance, copying certain files to USB hard drives) and to certain application features (for instance, attaching certain files to an email). The solution allows the definition of multiple protection policies and includes a pre-defined policies setting. This means that, when you first deploy the solution, it automatically creates prevention rules that you can refine afterwards. So, with this solution, you prevent data leaks from the very moment of installing the solution. This solution is tightly integrated with the End Point Protection solution.

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Data Leak Prevention