Dynamic CDN


Content Delivery Networks (CDN) use a distributed computer/storage network to speed up the distribution of digital contents.

These contents are replicated on those distributed computers in a way that, when an end user requests those contents, they are provided by the closest computer in the network.

This works fine when the contents are ‘static’, like movies, software upgrades or product catalogs. But some widely used web applications, like online stores, travel reservation systems, supplier portals, have a very dynamic behavior in terms of their data: they need to check if a product item ordered is available to delivery, if a specific flight seat reserved is still available or if the order threshold level for a certain item was reached. For this kind of ‘Dynamic Applications’, that handle constantly changing data, we offer a solution that combines traditional CDN to manage the static part of the applications with a high-performance network that is responsive to dynamic change on the data handled by applications.

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Dynamic CDN