Ethernet WAN Services


Ethernet WAN Services, spanning international and intercontinental locations, is based on high quality fiber links.

We provide point-to-point, star, or hierarchical topologies, connecting sites on a town or thousands of kilometers apart.

Whenever needed, we can add routers to the service to improve traffic management. For instance, we can implement VLANS to segment different types of traffic. We can provide and manage those routers, or you can use your own. High availability configurations (path diversity and hardware redundancy) are available as standard service options.

From Megas to Gigas
You can choose the right bandwidths for your Ethernet WAN segments. From 10 Mb to 10 Gb , we offer a very granular choice, that will exactly fit your current and future requirements.

Ethernet Direct Connection for IaaS cloud services, like Azure, AWS or Oracle Cloud
This has been one of the most popular uses of Ethernet WAN Services. Those customers that want to connect IaaS cloud services directly to their IT hubs (like corporate private DC) or want to implement a high-performance multi-cloud network (using a star topology to connect different providers, for instance), find this service the right match for their needs. Before you ask, yes, we support ExpressRoute (Azure), Direct Connect (AWS) and direct connect services from other IaaS providers.

Ethernet Services

Just to double check on Security
Yes, Ethernet WAN Services is a totally private service, based on private, end-to-end, fiber optics dedicated circuits.

Ethernet was initially developed for Local and Campus Area Networks, providing means for efficient and fast connectivity
It’s a Layer 2 protocol, that works at the MAC Address level, what makes it very simple to manage, using only switches. Since it does not include sophisticated transmission check and recovery nor traffic management facilities (like, for instance, QoS), it relies on high quality transmission circuits and on assured bandwidth for peak traffic needs. Even so, it’s an excellent solution to connect sites needing high bandwidth and low latency, like Data Centres, IaaS cloud services or corporate buildings with large number of users.

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